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My friend got a letter from AAO in Washington,D.C. for his application for permanent Residence pursuant tosec. 1 of the Cuban Adjustment act of Nov.2, 1966.  DISCUSSION: The application was denied by the Acting Miami. and is now before the AAO on appeal. The appeal will be rejected.  The record reflects applican is a citizen of Cuba.  On May 22, 2006, the Acting Dist. Dir. denied the applicant's application to register permanent resident or adjust status (form I-485) pursuant to section 1 of the Cuban Adjustment act (CAA) of Nov. 2, 1966.  The authority to adjudicate appeals is delegated to the AAO by the Sec. of Department of Homeland Sec.  Goes on to say laws, etc.  Then, the AAO exercies appellate jurisdiction over the matters described at 8 c.f.r. 103.1(f)(3)(iii).  The AAO does not have jurisdiction over this type of Form I-485, filed under section 1 of the CAA of Nov, etc. ORDER APPEAL REJECTED.
David, where does my friend go to file what?  

Your local CIS office as this falls under benefits.

Tell you what Carlos, find an attorney.  Apparently you need more help than to follow simple instructions to go to your local Citizenship and Immigration Service (CIS) office and file an appeal with that office.

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