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Immigration Issues/application for "alien applying to adjust status" I-485


Hello Mr Mills,

I'm a Canadian who came to California on May 1/05 to go on a 8 week road trip in California with my girlfriend who lives in the Santa Cruz area. At about 6 weeks into the trip (June 16) we decided we wanted to get married...which we did. I have remained in California right up until now trying to figure out the best approach to take to remain permanantly by following the USCIS stages of applications. So far I understand I need to go through the I-130, I-864, I-485, I-693, I-765 submissions of applications...(maybe there's more I havent found) but I'm unsure of just what is going to happen when I submit my forms....also just exactly what my "official status" is with the far as I can see....I'm just considered an "alien" or a "visitor" and as a canadian can stay legally in the US for up to 6 months..which to date has not expired. However ...on the various forms they ask for an "A" I-94 number...."Current USCIS Status"...."whether I was inspected when I came across.....and so forth....I'm not sure how to answer these parts and I don't want to screw up my applications or misanswer in my ignorance and create some big issue in the accusative minds of the USCIS simply because of my not understanding what they're looking for. As far as I a Canadian ....I did not need to have any special visa ...or number ....or inspection when I came I understand (or maybe don't) from the confusing ocean of material I've read on the internet....that if I leave now...I won't be allowed to be admitted to live with my wife here in the US until months of USCIS departmental bs is waded through.....I just want to proceed in the right way according to immigration law ....could you advise me on how to answer these forms ...or perhaps let me know what to be careful of ....or just what my situation is if its more precarious than I'm aware!    Any solid answers will be so helpful...also if you know where you could steer me to I would be so grateful. I've already started  filling out all my forms but haven't submitted any yet....I have started my "medical examination process by a civil surgeon". Thank you in advance for your site!..and any help you can give me.


You seem to have questions on nearly every aspect of the application.  It is not possible for me to guide you through the entire process since I do not represent you.  You can do online research at:

and various other websites.  However, if you want to be sure the process is handled correctly, I suggest you retain a qualified attorney.  It sounds as if you have no major problems, but completing the forms can be somewhat difficult if you are not familiar with the terminology.

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