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Dear Robert,

I am a foreigner who applied for work there in the United States and was just granted an H-1B visa. I was single when I started with the application which means that all of my paperworks state my singleness. I have a fiancee whom I am about to leave. I am aware that I can bring him to the United States through the H4 visa if and only if we are married.

My question now is, is it advisable for us to be married first before I will leave?

Will there be no contradictions in my papers since I applied as single but will enter the United States as married?

We are both from foreign country. Please help me. I want him to join me in the United States once I am there as soon as possible. What should we do?


Truly yours,

Amy Roscielle

There is no contradiction. On the date of your visa application you were single. Now you can get married and have him apply for an H-4 to come with you. If you are asked at the airport, you explain that you were single when you applied and then got married after.



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