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hi! i came to us on 3/97 (i was 16 years old) the petitioner was my father who became a us citizen on 8/96. it's all ready 10 years and i have to renew or apply for citizenship i dont know what to do because i have 2 criminal records.
1.conspiracy of racketing (disposition of case 6 months and 3 years probation from 3/2003 to 8/2006)
2.forgery utter (disposition of case 2 years probation from 6/2002 to 6/2004
i ask different people about this situation and they said wait 5 years after 2006 and apply for usc.
another say! because of my father he  became a usc when i was 16 years old so i can apply for usc but i'm 26 now. i dont know what to do and who to trust.

At the time your father became a citizen, the law was that both parents had to be citiznes in order for hyou to automatically be a citizen. The law did not change until 2002 that made you a citizen if either parent was a citizen.

You will be fingerprinted for either application and if they want to they not only can deny your citizneship or not renew your card, but if they feel the convictions are serious enough, they can try and deport you.

You are not eligible for citizenship anyway until 5 years after your probation ends, so if anything I recommend you renew your card..



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