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I am married to a US Citizen and have applied for adjustment of status and a work permit. My work permit was approved in november 2005 but as of today jan 9, 2006, I haven't received the card. I am in the New Orleans area and our mailing system is working weird and our mail is not always getting here on time. This has been a big ordeal. They made us go to Memphis (our Immigration office is closed), supposedly to get the card. I get there they tell me that I have gotten one done but they'd take my biometrics and make me a new one and send it in the mail (NOV. 18). On November 25th I receive an email that they have sent my card. So I wait and 14 days later, I call the costumer service and an officer tells me to give it a couple more weeks due to the postal service problems in the area. And if I didn't get it I would have to reapply and they would waive the fee. I called the service center today and they said that if I haven't received the card by now and it hasn't been return to the service center that processed it, I should consider it lost and if I really want the permit I need to reapply and pay the fee and wait 90 days again. The officer that I talked to today basically said that I had paid for them to make me a card and they made it, so once they put it in the mail it was out of their hands and not their problem anymore and if I didn't get it, it was my problem.

Does this sound fair and reasonable? Who should I contact to get this straighten out? I don't think it's fair for them to expect me to reapply and pay again, when I haven't received anything. (I would understand if I didn't send the proper documents or if they'd deny it the first time or I lost it).

Please help... What can I do?

With your receipts, the fee should be waived.  However, the officer is correct.  The card was made by CIS then given to the US Postal Service for delivery.  Two seperate agencies, two seperate missions.  Your complaint should be directed to the US Postal Service Inspectors.  

There is more to your scenario which turns on the red lights.  It is not uncommon for people to sell their valid documents to criminal vendors for a substantial fee.  They in turn sell the documents to smugglers.  The alien then turns around and claims he/she never received the card.  This is not to say you are any way involved with this, but this happens very frequently.  

Go to the US Postal Service and file a complaint.  Perhaps they can track where they sent the card.

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