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Immigration Issues/arrested and jailed before marriage


Thank you very much for response.
Would you suggest us to get an attorney for that?
I am very afraid of this situation and don't want to complicate our life at all. Especially with USCIS.
Is there any consequences of my wrong answer?
What could be in the worst scenario?
Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
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Hello sir,
Me and my wife are about to have an interview scheduled on march, the 7th. When we got an interview letter I was shocked. On the second page they are asking me to bring a statement from arresting agency EVEN that the charges against me had been dismissed. I wasn't guilty and was pretty sure it won't be an issue when we would apply for my Green Card. I have already called Clerk of the Court and she told me to come over and get Court Order for my case. The problem is that I misunderstood the question on my I-485 form about arrests. The one on the Yes/No page. I wrote No, because I thought Yes is for somebody who had been convicted guilty. What should I do now? There was no reason for me to lie on the application and now it seems like I am hiding it from them.
I'd very appreciate any advice.
Bring your disposition to the interview and after the officer swears you in and before he asks any questions, tell him you want to amend an answer on your applciation and explain why you originally answered it the way you did.



Worst scenario is they beleive you were tryign to hide something and they make you file for a waiver before approving your case.

Good lawyers make things go smoother. What state do you live in? Call my office for a free phone consultation-516 487 0500.



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