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Thanks for your prompt response to my previous question.  It seems you always here "The rest of the story" later on.

My friend lives in Peru. She has an Aunt living in Florida who is US citizen for 15 years.
My friend visited the US on a k-1 Fiance Visa in 10/2001 and decided not to get married.  She overstayed her visa by 15 days.

She would now like to come here for 6 months on a b-2 visa but is concerned that her overstay will prevent her.  She also earns $1000 US a month which she has been told will prevent her from getting a b-1 visa.

I have told her that I would look into it from the US end.  I guess I just want to help anyone out, just like you.

Please advise.  Thanks  

Since she overstayed less than 180 days, she is not statutorily barred from applying for a visa, but they can deny it in their discretion. To get the tourist visa, she will ahve to show how she is going to support herself, while she is here. Either personal funds or a financial sponsor on form I-134.



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