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" My wife's father and mother just tried to get a b-2 visa in Gaungzhou and were rejected and given a 214-b. They went to the interview with documentation showing many ties to China(I'm being brief here for you). None of their documentation was even looked at. The interviewer looked at their ds-156 and talked to them for 2 minutes. What more proof do they have to have and now that they have been marked 214-b, how do they get the consulate to take their request seriously? How do we get them to even look at their papers?
Thank you very much for your assistance."

Unfortuantely, they have a lot of discretion to deny tourist visas. If they feel they are likely to overstay, they do not have to justify it too much and there is not a lot you can do. With a 214B note, I believe they are not eligible to try again for 6 months. The only other option is to seek the assistance of a politician to act on your wife's behalf. They tend to be more accountable to politicians than lawyers or clients.



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