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thank you robert for your help.
i came here to the us on b2 visa stayed for 6month,then applied for extension,while i was waiting for the extension i filed a change of status application to f1.
ireceived the letter approving my extension 2 days after my extension expired.i just received a letter that my change of status is denied because i failed to maitain my previous what is my status right now and what should i do?your help is really appreciated

You are out of status since the day you requested on the extension. You should not have filed for a change of status while an application for an extension was pending. You should leave the country as soon as possible - certainly before 180 days elapses from the time you requested on your extension or you will be subject to a 3 or 10 year bar when you leave.

The only other option is to marry a U.S. Citizne and have them apply for your green card.



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