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I live in San Diego and I am a naturalized U.S. citizen.  I am going to marry a Mexican girl that lives in Tijuana,  Mexico.  She has a passport and can cross the border with no problems.  She also works in Tijuana with a job that pays well.   What is the best way to emmigrate her and not loose her crossing the border freedom?  because she would still like to work in Tijuana and be able to visit her parents?

If she comes to the United States she can file for a green card.  However you must keep in mind the intent to immigrate--visa etc.  If she comes to the US and gets married but only has a b visa then this could pose a problem in the adjustment process.  

The way to overcome this would be for her to file for a fiance visa and then apply for an adjusment of status in the United States.  After filing and getting married she could apply for an advance parole and once the AP is approved she would have the ability to travel while waiting for approval of the green card.  

After obtaining her green card she can still hold a job outside the country if she can prove that she is still a permanent resident by showing that she maintains a permanent residence in the US at all times.

I would suggest that you consult with an immigration attorney as my broad discussion is not adequate to point out all of the pitfalls that can arise.

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