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Hi i need help i was arrested in the states last month for prostitution i am completly innocent. when i was arrested i was on a visa waiver. i need to know what i should do becuase i need to go back to the states for my hearing and i am not going to get my visa on time. should i risk it and go to america and hope they dont know about the arrest. i would also like to know if i will even be able to get a visa considering the arrest i have not got a previous criminal record. what can i do to get back to the states?is there any other way even if it includes flying to another country/airport first to avoid usa immigration fingerprinting? also when they arrested me they mispelled my surname so will they definatly have the details of my arrest at the airport?if you can answer any of my questions i will be so grateful.

First off, a prostitution arrest in the US with a VW, is an automatic removal.  You will NOT be admitted into the US.  You may try and circumvent entry by going through another country, but if you are caught (and you eventually will), the ramifications are harsh...including an Order of Removal.
You may hire an attorney to try and clear your record, but this will need to be done from overseas.  This is a possibility, but to try anything other than legal is setting yourself up for an unpleasant life altering experience.

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