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QUESTION: I am physician. I had an altercation with my room-mate and he filed a case against me. Later the case was dismissed after completion of Anger management classes and they dismissed it as "Nolle Pros". My main concern is that is this kind of background is serious enough for me to get my J-1 visa rejected. I am going to start my advance training this year and going back to my country to apply for my J-1 visa
ANSWER: If the case was not prosecuted, and charges dropped, you will be ok.  However, you cannot omit the arrest when asked on any immigration document.

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QUESTION: 1) By "the case was not prosecuted" you mean whether there was a trial or not(in my case there was no trial). The prosecuter herself said that you won't be documented as "convicted" after this anger management class is over.

2)what kind of documents should i carry to consulate's office to make my application strong, although i am going to admit my arrest record on DS forms

3)What can i do as the best from my home country if they deny the J-1 visa and how serious they would be in my case. Please help me here i am really worried.

You stated nolle pros, which means the case was not prosecuted which means no trial.  However, your statement is mixed...there appears a condition was put on you to attend anger management class.  My question would be to you, if you did not attend anger management what would have been the outcome?
At any rate, it appears there was no prosecution, you abided by the terms iimposed by the district attorney.  You should have with you all documents relating to your case.  Your J-1 should be approved with the information you provided.

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