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Dear David,
In May 2005, my status based on a J1 will expire and it will not be possible to be extended. My J1 status is not subject to the two year rule that I will have to go to my home country.  A professor from my universiy showed interest to employ me for one year working on a project based on a university grant. If that is possible, what would be the procedure to follow in order to obtain an H1 working permit for me? If I later want to switch working for a company in the US, would that be possible?
I appreciate your help.

You can go to your local CIS office and file an I-485 for change of status.  But you will need proof from your professor that you will be employed as a specialist.

As a side note, from what you wrote it appears that you are trying to find multiple routes to extend your stay.  Be cautious...

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