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Thank you much Robert for the answer!
i am just wondering i have a 10years b2 visa now, in case my change of status is denied (i hope not) will this visa be void?
Also will  i be automatically out of status if it was denied or do they give you voulantary departure timeframe and you can come back another time without a problems?
Thank you again
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Hello Alex:
I want to change my status from B2 to F1, i am in the process of getting I-20
and my I-94 will expire  three weeks from today, the school agree to help me
change of status, also i talked to a lawyer and he told me to do I-94 extension
first and don't mention that you are going to school in the letter you send
along and you can do change of status later, the other option i was thinking
about is doing change of status directly without I-94 extension, how do you
think i shall go about this?
-do I-94 extension (won't mention i am planning to go to school) and wait till
get response and do change of status.
-do I94 extension and change of status at the same time then i have to mention iam palning to go to school in the I-94 extension?
-do change of status by itself since sending my application will keep me in status until i get a response and even my I 94 expire.

Please help, thank you
if you have a phone i can contact you please provide it to me.

You can not do extension and change of status at same time. If you just file for change of status, you can not start school until change is approved, though you can stay to await decision. If you have already contacted school, I would just do change of status, sine if you wait they can ask for a letter from the school when you first contacted them and if it shows before requesting extension they know you wanted to go to school when you asked for extension and will deny it.



You can stay till you get a decision. If it is denied you must leave and carry with you copies of the receipt/decision and forms. They will not automatically cancel your visa, but if you try to make too many trips here they can cancel it on any trip in you make.

As long as you do not stay more than 180 days after the decision, you are not statutorily barred from returning.



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