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Dear Mr. Robert

I am getting ready to apply for citizenship.

In the past 5 years i have stayed out of US only once for 231 days.(beyond 6 months). I left US in Dec 1999 and returned in Aug 2000.
I did have a bank account and DL during my stay out. I was finishing my education in India.
I do not have any other documents to show my continuity since i did not own any property as i was a dependent.

I am applying based on the INS criteria of applying after 4 years and 1 day after the break in continious residence.
Am i eligible?
Should i include an explanation letter of my stay out with my application?
Thanks a lot

As I answered you last time, it would be best to apply 4 years and 9 months after you returned from your 231 day trip. This way you do not have to explain that trip or risk their denying you for a break in the continuity in residence. In addition, do not have any 6 month or more trips until after you are approved.


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