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Can you tell me:
1. On what basis can a US permanent resident applying for citizenship be rejected?
2. If a permanent resident who is applying for citizenship is rejected can he or she find out the reason (or on what basis) and does he or she have options to appeal
3. What are things that give a resident merit in gaining citizenship?


The reasons for rejection are too numerous to mention.If the case is denied a denail letter is sent that details the reasons for denial and one has 30 days to appeal on form N-336. If the applicant does not pass the english/history or writing portion they are given a second appointment to try again. If they fail a 2nd time, they must reapply.

To be a citizen you have to be a resident for 5 years (3 if based on marraige to USC); be physically present in the country for half of the 5 years at thge time of filing and interview; no trips over 6 months and be a person of good moral character.



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