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Thank you for very prompt response!
It seems like lots of paperwork (not surprised). I'd like to know what is the charge for you representing that case as you offered? How would it be conducted: via e-mail or in-person? Also, regarding the time it takes to process the applications: I'm from Chicago Area and I heard it takes about 3-5 months, does it sound right?
Thank you
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I have just completed the process of naturalization and become US citizen. I'd like now to petition for my wife to get green card. My wife lives here with me in the US but she is an overstay - she came here on a tourist visa B1/B2 that expired in 02/2006. We got married in 03/2006.
What forms should I file now for here to get green card? How long does the process takes? Will there be any complications because of her overstay?
Thank you.
No complications. You need to file I-130/I-485/G325s/I-765/I-693 and supplement/I-864 with all supporting documents. Let me know if you want me to represent you for the case. How long it takes depends on where you live.



I would charge 2500 plus the filing fees of 765. I would attend your interview if you pay for the airfare. I would try to fly ther do the interview and fly back the same day. 3-5 months sounds a bit quick but it should not be much longer than that. You can call me for a free phone consultation at 516 487 0500 or my cell 516 984 0086.



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