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I was married for two years, and I now doubt that my wife entered into the marriage in good faith. Shortly after we were married she had violent outbursts, threatened suicide and physically hurt herself once when I threatened to call police, she said she would tell them I hurt her. I am a 64 year old partially disabled man while she is a 35 year old healthy women with a masters in computer. In the divorce decree she was awarded no alimony but she found a clause in the affidavit of support when she claims I must give her $1000 per month while she does not work for ten years. There is nothing in joint names and I have filed a petition to be withdrawn as sponsor. She has a conditional green card. What are my rights, and can I be held to this affidavit for ten years?

YOu may withdraw your petition for her, and do it soon.  Based on what you provided, she likely married you for the benefit and nothing more.  As far as the divorce proceedings, that is a local jurisdiction matter.  However, if you can prove she married you just to get a green card, it may have bearing on the court and have the judgment over turned.

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