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Thanks for the information. I went CIC office at Chicago. They say go back to SSN office and let them initiate the process by sending required details to correct the error. But SSN says to contact home land security to correct this. I dont understand what to do. Would you please suggest me how to go further

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Sorry to resend this question. I forgot to mention about my VISA status in my previous question. My Visa is H1B. Do I need to pay any fees for the change of in correct date of birth in my I-94? Where can I request for this change? Do I need to present in person for this change? Which address to go?

Hi David,

I came to US recently and completed my immigration formalities at Minneapolis. I have noted that my date of birth in I-94 is in correctly mentioned. I applied for a SSN number after. When SSN officer tried to pull the I-94 details it was pulled like 1-June-2006 instead of 1-June-1975. Its a mistake. I was asked to call home land securities to correct this. When I call them they asked me to go Chicago office to get it done. My question is how long time this process would go? SSN officer sounded like they have generated SSN number based on I-94. They will activate my card process once I correct this with Homeland security. What do I do now. Whats the proess for this? Do I need to pay any fees for this change. Will it be a problem?

Your earliest possible reply will highly be appreciated.

Sashi Kanth
You have authorization to obtain a social security number based on what type of visa? H?
If the fault of the error is not yours, no.  Go to your local CIS office.  They will provide you with the forms to correct the error.

CIS is a part of Homeland Security.  The person you spoke to at CIS is not correct. To correct the error on your I-94 you  must file form I-102...there is a fee, however it will be waived if the error was deemed not your fault.  This form must be filed at the CIS where you reside.  If you are not satisfied with the CIS person you spoke to, ask to speak to a supervisor.  An incorrect I-94 is NOT the responsibility of the Social Security Administration.

Note on Filing Fee's for I-102:
You do not need to pay a fee to request to correct your Form I-94, I-95 or I-20ID if the error(s) on your document was made by USCIS, through no fault of your own.

Please consult the "Paying Fees" section of your local office or Service Center page to learn which forms of payment are accepted. Acceptable forms of payment may vary by office. Checks must be made payable to Department of Homeland Security or U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services.

Note on Where to File for I-102:
If you are filing to replace a Form I-95, file this application at the local office having jurisdiction over where you are temporarily located.

If you were not issued a Form I-94 at admission to the U.S., or are filing this application with an application for extension of stay or change of status, file this application where you are filing the accompanying extension of stay or change of status application.
To request to correct an inaccurate Form I-94, I-95 or I-20ID, submit your application at the local office having jurisdiction over where you are temporarily located. Contact that office for further instructions.
In all other instances, file this application with the Service Center having jurisdiction over the state where you are temporarily located.

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