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My 19 year old daughter is engaged to a fellow from Trinidad.  He was legally brought here as a child, with his parents and had a visa.  The visa expired in 1999.  He was 13 at that time.  He never applied for any extensions.  My question is what trouble will my daughter face after this marriage?  How difficult will it be for her husband to get a visa?  What steps will they need to take?  Please advise ASAP.  Thank you.

Petitioning for a LEGAL foreign national is time consuming...petitioning for an ILLEGAL alien is difficult.  Usually there is more to the alien's background than the future spouse a criminal record.

At any rate, once married, she can petition for him with an I-130.  Although he is illegally here, he will need to file to adjust his status.  He may be required to return to Trinidad and wait for the petition to be approved.  Go to your local CIS office for forms and guidance.

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