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  My boyfriend has been living in the U.S. for about 10 years. He has an apointment to renew his green card this week and is worried about the possability of being deported. He has gotten in a little bit of trouble since he's been here - he got 2 DUI s and was incarcerated for about 2 months. Right now his liscense is suspended for speeding. Now he's got me worried. What's the protocol? I have no idea. Please help! What do you think?  

The speeding is not a problem. The DUIS could be a problem, however at his appointment a clerk is just going to take his prints. They will then send him his new card because he is a resident until a judge takes it away. If they beleive he is deportable for the offenses he has committed, they have to serve him with papers to report to an Immigration Judge for a removal hearing. He would then fight the charges and apply for any relief he is eligible for. If you are a citizen, you can marry him, which would make him eligible to apply for a waiver of the grounds for removal so he could stay here.



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