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No, you misunderstand me. If I married and divorced in Venezuela, and the US does NOT know it, why do I have to report it to the US? My wife can NOT EVER come to the US. She NEVER can get a visa. so... why should I report a marraige done in another country to the USA? USA doesnt know. WHY report it????????
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I apologize for taking your time. I married my Venezuelan wife a year ago in Venezuela, and filed the petition for her K-3 visa with the embassy. The application was approved. Not the visa. But, things have gone sour, and we want a divorce. She has not ever been to the US still, and the visa application has not been finished. my question is this: Does the US even recognize that I was married and divorced, even though they have no record of this in the US?
Even though I was married abroad, if not registered, am I single in the USA? There is no information I can find on this subject.
If your marriage is no longer valid, she can no immigrate to the US.  You have an obligation to report this to immigration and withdraw the application.  If she does enter based on information you withheld both of you will face serious consequences.

Under Bigamy Laws in the US any marriage recognized by any country or legal jusrisdiction is a valid marriage.  Unless you have a legally recognized divorce, the marriage is reportable.  However, it is up to you.  If it comes out at a later date, through her or some other circumstance, you may have a problem if you remarry in the US.  There are treaties and agreements between other countries and the US.  For people to immigrate through marriage, these agreements come into play...likewise with a circumstance as you describe.

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