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Immigration Issues/domestic violance charge?


I am 44 year old male born in US.  Met a girl from Thailand, 28.  She entered on a fiancée visa in July 06, married sept 06'.  Submitted I-485 and I-765 oct 06’.  She UBRUPTLY left me a few days ago, Nov 14th.  said she found another guy who was interested in her, and if that didnt work out she wanted to "try other guys” Basically she was board with my normal life style.  Before she took off we went to get the dissolution papers at the courthouse.  We filled them out, but never got them notarized.  It was an emotional day, and I was not thinking clearly.  After she left, and I have no idea where she is,  I went to immigration and withdrew my affidavit of support.  The first words out of the immigration officer's mouth was “has she filled a police report yet?”  I said WHAT!?  I guess if she finds out that if she files a police report against me for domestic violence, her conditional residency status will basically be granted automatically.  So not only is my heart broken, and very lonely, I am now worried that I will be arrested for domestic violence.  One more thing.  When we filled out the marriage dissolution papers, on the second page it asked if either party had been a victim of domestic violence reported or not, and she selected no, and all seven paged were signed by both of us at the bottom, and the seventh page dated, but not notarized.  HELP!  What can I do?  Thank you so much.  

Get an attorney; document everything include witnesses; keep copious records on everything; what about the I-130?  Did you withdraw that?  As long as you can cover your tracks you should be okay. You might want to go to the police and file a you know where she is?  Get the police to do a welfare check on her and document that.  Let the cops her from her that you were not abusive....THEN go after with everything you got.  Be relentless.  She violated her K status when she left you.  Any information or statements you  can get proving she is running around, the better for you.

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