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hi,these are my following problems,my father is a U.S. citizen and is filing for my papers.the first problem is that i lost my passport a couple of years back and it had my visa and I-94 on it.I already received an approved I-130 petition where it says that i must wait for a visa number to become my question is that how long it is really going to take.Im in the first preference category of unmarried son over the age of a lot of people have told me that my papers would come quick since my father is a citizen,but  my lawyer said  i would just have to wait and my priority date is for sept.2005 and they are currently working on cases from 2001.If i had my visa # and my I-94 would it make a difference in the case?how long do i really have to wait?and is there any way to recover my lost numbers.thank you.

You can file an I-102 to get a duplicate I-94. Since you are a 1st preference, proof of your entry does not matter. You will still have to file I-485A and pay the extra $1000. Your case will take a few years to get to the front of the line, but it is much quicker than if your father was a green card holder.



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