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Immigration Issues/am I eligible to adjust status????????


Well Mr Hollander, I entered the U.S legally on R-1 status.
While on my religious service, I met my fiancee and we plan to marry soon, when the religious organization found out I was planing to marry her they said they would release me as a a representative and thus would result in my visa becoming invalid???Thus they said resulting in deportation???I am worried about my status in America...what should I do,having been already released as a representative BUT just not married yet??????
I would appreciate any help or advise
Thank-you so much

They were just trying to scare you. You can not be deported without being served with papers and given an opportunity to be heard by an Immigration Judge. Get married as soon as possible and file the paperwork. You can get married at city hall so that you can file paperwork adn then you can have a religious wedding at any time in the future.



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