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I am a US citizen married to a Guyanese national. My wife's visa at her interview was denied on grounds the marriage was not a 'bona fida'one despite giving overwhelming evidence to the contrary.      My wife was informed on Dec 29th,2005 that her file was being sent back to Portsmouth,NH for 'further review'.   What happens now? I am plum out of money (over $25,000(US) was spent on our wedding which includes airfare,etc.and  living with my wife for 2 months on my first visit after our marriage. Now I realize that I could have done a 'fiance' sponsoring which would have been the cost of airfare and visa application fees) and could not afford an attorney. Will the INS give me a chance to present additional evidence to prove a faithful marriage?    Harry

What is your age and the age of your wife?

How long did you know her before you were married?

Where were you married and by whom?

How long were you married prior to filing for her residency status?

Has she even been arrested or deported before?

And as far as your wedding expenses, that has no bearing on this case.

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