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I have a green card that I have received when I married a US soldier back in June 2003, I have entered the states with him in September 2003. He divorced me in July 2004 so I had to go back to germany. Thats where I have been since then. My green card expired in June 2005.
Now I am thinking about moving back to the states. Is there a way to get the green card renewed or to I have to apply for a new one? If so, are there going to be any issus because I have already had a green card that has expired?

Thank you very much for your time and your help in advance.

Anja McCallister

Unfortunately, your 'green card' was only temporary and based on the marriage to your USC husband.  Since he divorced you within a year of your marriage, your status will not be renewed.  You must remain married for minimum of two years to validate the status based on marriage.

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