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Immigration Issues/expired green card and bench warrant


I find myself in a bad place I'll keep it as simple as possible.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

-My family came to this country when I was 1y/o.
-Got my green card in '90.
-Card expired in 2000, Was in the military at the time ('98-02).
-Reaplied in 2001.
-Everything was going good, I was waiting for my appointment for fingerprinting.  
-Never recieved the letter for appointment.  
-Went to immigration office to inquire, told to wait another 3 months and I would recieve a letter w/ date of apointment.
-Two months later recieved a letter saying my application had been dismissed due to missing my appointment (which I never recieved notice of).
-At immigration office told they could reinstate my application but the process would be longer and more complicated than to start app. process over.
-I have bench warrant for a minor traffic violation that I am affraid to take care of less I be deported when, and I am affraid if I start application process over it will be denied or I will be arrested when the bench warrant comes up on computer.
-Except for when I was born I have never been to Mexico so I am afraid to be deported to a place I've never been and know nothing about.  

Please advise and thank you.

Hiding from the situation is not likely to make anything better, the bench warrant is a problem that will only get worse and needs to be corrected.  It sounds like you are still a green card holder though and you just need the card renewed.

You should make an appointment to consult with an immigration attorney since it would be necessary to look at all the forms and discuss the situation with you in detail.

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