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KELLIE HOOD wrote at 2007-04-04 17:50:28
I had the same thing happen. My husband and I were led to believe that he would be approved to return. He was denied. I have personally talked to Mr. Roma in Guatemala and he told me that because my husband was here for more than 6 months. illegally he cant come home for 10 years. We have a son who was born with a birth defect that causes extreme emotional problems and he has to maintain a strict environment of schedules to function. I have documentation from doctors along with the fact that I have 3 older children who have a father here. Still Mr. Roma denied him. WE now have an appeal filed with the aao but it will take 2 years till our case comes up. PLEASE THINK IT OVER BEFORE YOU SEND HIM HOME.  our CHILDREN ARE TOO WONDERFUL TO SUFFER THIS WAY JUST TO GET SOME PAPERS.  

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