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HI i am currently in the us on an f-1 visa that expires in
december of 05. This semester I have not attened classes
becuase of financial difficulties and transportaion issues and
subsequently failed thos elisted classes becuase of the inability
to withdraw from them. I have already applied for the visa lottery
through the official government site and have also applied
through my mother who has already recieved her greencard and
permanent residency. I was informed by the government that it
would take anywhere from 90 -999 days to get a confirmation
about the application for the residency. Now the problem is I
think that my xurrent visa will be revoked becuase of the
inability to pay for classes and or absence. The  problem is the I
have to american born children one 8 and one 2,and am married
(my wifde ids also from another country under a f-2 visa) If my
f-1 visa is revoked or i fall out of status,will i be able to stay in
the country until the application has been processed fro my
permanent residency? Or what can I do in order not to be
deported or out of staus? I am hoping not to return to my
country as of yet becuase of the economic status there. It would
be extremly difficult to take care of my family there. there aslo
are other custody ossues concerning my oldest son where his
mother is an american but but resides with me through a
custody settlement. Does this have an effect on the matter.
Basically I am looking for some way that I can stay in the US
unitil my residency either comes through or another way that I
can have the residency speed up, or how can I avoid being
deported and maintain taking care of my family? I have
considered divorcing my current wife in order to get married to
an american to mae the process shorter but is there a loop hole
or catch to doing that...the divorce is not for that sole purpose
but sincere diffulties that married couples endure. The
remarriage would be beneficial simply becuase of what was
mentioned before hand. If i hadnt mentioned before Im a citizen
of the Bahamas. Any help or suggestions in the matter are
greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Marrying an American to obtain status is a serious felony that can land you and the person in jail for up to 15 years, then deportation. And if it is found that your soon to be ex-wife was party to this scheme, she to will find herself in jail and later deported...Fraud is vigorously pursued.  Marriage schemes, such as the one you are proposing to do, are thoroughly investigated before any application is entertained.  In your case, it will stick out like a sore thumb.
I question your position in the first 8 year old American child...and you are a foreign student?  did you enter the US previously on another visa?
Regarding your mother applying for will be quite awhile for you to children of permanent residents are down the priority list.

Not attending school has placed you out of status and as such you are subject to deportation.

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