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Thank you so much for the help.  You also said "But there are some equities in your favor" What equities would this be? I'll make sure they lawyer puts that in there big time.

Thank You So Much, David.

Subject   reopen a case.
Question   I left before my court date. In Aug 28th 2005. my court date was 2005 dec 13th. i am a luxembourg citizen. i know its a great country and all but i don't speak french, german, luxembourg. i got no family in Europe. no place to go. everything is in the US. i was going to court because i was illegaly in the US since i was a child. about 8/9 yrs old.  that is the reason why i was going to court cause my mom never took care of my US papers. also do you think i would qualify for a waiver? I'm just scared cause i got a lawyer working on it. asking me when i left. what degrees i got in school. and a bunch of questions. and hoping i can have it reopened.  and i also heard to get a waiver its 1 in a billion chances. and that is scary to me.  and thank you for emailing me back so fast!!!


Question   I was illegally in the US for over 15 years as a child I was 9 years old when I came to the US. I was going to court for deportation and i let on my own. after a year i couldn't take it no more losing my life family and all.  i wanted to come back to the US. is there a way to come back? also lawyers told me to leave, cause i didn't have enough money for this. now i'm a truck driver and I'd like to come back to the US. is there a way i can have my case reopen?  


Answer   David:

When did you go back? And give me further details about the order of deportation. To enter the US back after deportation, you may need to qualify for a waiver. I would recommend you consult with an attorney specialized in representing clients in such matters. Contact the American Immigration Lawyers Association for referrals.

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Answer   David:

You are right about the chances for a waiver. But there are some equities in your favor, make sure the attorney is experienced in doing such waivers.
best of luck!  


The fact that your family is in the US and you came to the US when you where a child...could be helpful.

You need to discuss this with your attorney, since there are many issues involved in this. One thing that you need to confirm is whether you are subject to a permanent bar or not. If you are subject to a permanent bar then you may have to wait for 10 years before you can apply.

Having said that there are waivers for this permanent bar also. Only your attorney can be able to effectively answer your questions, as it is impossible to figure it out in a forum such as this. (with very limited info and time available)

best of luck!
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