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the visa was issued by my father for permenant residence. so it's a family based imigration visa for a me (over 21). also i have been delaying the application by waiting untill the last moment to send in asked papers like birthcert. of my son. I received a letter that the application was approved. SO my son of 2 will also receive a visa. will this be a problem?, can i lose the visa and or how can i prevent losing it. giving me some more time to stay here in The Netherlands. and also if i lose the visa will my son automatically lose his too, even though he is underage?
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I will be receiving an immigrant visa soon and am not ready to move. I would like to stay in my country for at least 2 more years. is this possible or will i lose the visa?
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It depends a bit on the category that you receive the immigrant visa in.  In some categories, this could be extremely problematic while it would be less so in others.  The consultate could wonder why you are delaying and whether you really intend to become a PERMANENT RESIDENT of the United States.  To be a permanent resident, you need to live here more than half the time.  

Once the green card is issued, your son should be save as long as he maintains his green card status.  However, failure to apply will be just as problematic.  Your abandonment of your residence will not automatically cause him to be deemed to have abandoned his.  You should consult with an attorney though since this is a somewhat complex, and very critical, area.  Your visa will be issued after an interview with the consulate.  Different consulates may also handle this delays differently so you should retain an attorney to assist you.

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