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I filed petition and affidavit of support for my parents in Russia. Their immigration case was approved and is pending an interview at the local consulate. However, they are not ready to immigrate and we were hoping to be able to have them visit for a month or two for the next few years, while still residing most of the time in Russia and permanently immigrating to US after 4-5 yrs.
Is there an expiration term on immigration visas and they can function as 'miltiple entry travel visas' until they are ready to permanently immigrate?
Finally, is there any point in time when they can become eligible for Medicare/medicaid and social security, say, after 10 yrs since getting their green card, despite the affidavit of support? thanks very much.

ANSWER: The best option is for them to process an immigrant visa and then come here and file for a reentry permit which will aloow thenm to go back to Russia for 2 years at a time and then they can renew the reentry permit every 2 years by making a trip here before it expires.

They can get benefits after 10 years or after becoming citizens.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much, Robert.
If you have time, a few follow-up questions.
How long on average does it take to get the re-entry permit approved? If they leave the country before getting the approval and it's approved when they are overseas, can they re-enter US without a physical possession of the permit?
Is there a limit on a number of times a reentry permit can be issued?
What if they stay in Russia for less than 6 months at a time and live in my primary residence when in the US - does it constitute a 'green card' abandonment? They are both employed there and my father has his own business which he is not ready to shut down for another 3-5 years.

Last question: the 10 year duration for the social and medicare eligibility you mentioned - do you mean 10 yrs since becoming a green card holder?

Thank you very much again.

If they nmake one trip every 6 months they do not need a reentry permit. They must apply for permit when here. After filing they can leave and permit can be picked up at US Embassy in Russia upon approval.

Yes 10 years from getting green card.



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