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I have finally received my interview for Cuidad Juarez on Feb. 6. I am nervous as can be maybe even more. This will be the 2nd person I petition for. My first case was back in 95 in California. Things didn't seem as complicating. back then he was fined $950.00 plus fees.The question is my husband crossed illegally and were wondering if he would be one of the ones to stay in mexico for 10 years. A lot of people have different opinions for our case. Some even have said he would just be fined and others say he may have to go to jail for a week being that i am a citizen. The price of the fine is also nerve recking.  

If he was here illegally for more than 6 months and leavs the country he is subject to a 3 year bar. If he stayed more than 1 year and leaves he is subject to the 10 year bar. There is no fine - it is a filing fee for the waiver he would need to apply for. If the waiver is approved he would be back in about 1 year. If not, he is stuck for the period of the bar.



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