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A friend of mine is a permanent resident witn an N400 card. He wants to apply for citizenship, but has to give the exact date he was granted his permanent residency.  Apparently, it is coded on the card (I haven't seen it), but he is not sure which number is the month/date/year (specifically, the date).  Can you explain how to read the code?

He does not have an N400 card. He has an I-551 card. The N400 is the number of the form to apply for citizenship. If he has a newer green card there is a line on the front that says "resident since" and a date with nothing on the back. If he has an older card, there is writing on the back. Look at the top line - reading from left to right there should be something like "980625" - which in this example would mean he got his residence on June 25 1998. "990416" would mean April 16 1999 and so on.


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