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I have been living with my fiancee for 5 years now He is an immigrant
in US, I am a resident since 1999, applying for citizenship next month. I
want to know how i can help him get his green card. Should i marry him
in the US or in Mexico, or should i file for fiance petition. Please
help. thanks

If i marry him does he have to go back to Mexico in the mean time?

Is it best if i wait until I am a citizen to marry him or can i go ahead and marry him while I am a resident?

What form for applying for his residency should i use?

Did he enter legally or illegally? If he came in illegally, he is not eligible to get it here and if he goes back to Mexico he will be subject to a 10 year bar and will need a waiver. If he came in legally but overstayed, he will be able to get his papers here once you become a citizen. He should not leave the country. You can not get a fiancee visa when he is here.

You can marry now and file for him and then ask to spped the case up when you become a citizen.



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