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Immigration Issues/Does my friend need to go back to China to get a new J-1 status?



Thank you very much for the answere. However, a lady from the university's International Office told my friend that the school will issue her a new DS-2019 Form, and requires she to make a trip so as to re-enter the U.S. with this new form in order to get her J-1 status(or category) transfered. And this is different from your answers.

So please clarify again if that lady is correct and why.

Thanks again!

- Bill

Followup To
Question -
Dear Mr. Hollander,

I have a friend (from China) she is working/studing at Chicago with the J-1 Visa. The J-1 visa she got is valid for one year and will expire by Mid 2006. Since her program at Chicago will end by the end of Janurary 2005, she already applied for a different program at New York city, and the university of Columbia already accept her application.

The question is: does she need to go back to her home country (China) in order to get her new J-1 status? And what's the procedure?


Answer -
She doesnt have to make a special trip. On her next trip out of the country she needs to go to the Embassy and have it done.



Your friend is already in the U.S. with an I-94 which says "d/s" which means duration of status. She also has the new IAP-66 showing her current validity. She can stay here legally without getting any visa change as long as she is follwoing a J-1 program. However, on her first trip out she has to get a new visa with the new annotation of the new program.

Therefore the lad y is wrong to say she must go out now. Only that she must go to the Embassy on the next trip out.



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