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Hello sir,

My OPT expires on July 25, 2008. My company will apply H1 for me before April 1st. but if they do premium processing, can I start working before October 1st? I mean, let's say my company  filed my application in April 1st and I got approval in two weeks, does that mean I am H1 holder beginning from third week of April or I am still OPT holder since H1 will start on October 1st.

Actually, can you give some information about premium processing. I am confused in this part. Is it only early notice or does it really allow me to work before October 1st once I got the approval notice?

Thank you very much for your help in advance. I really appreciate it.

You will have gap between your OPT and H-1B start date. F-1 students are given a 60 day grace period after the end of their OPT terms. Your 60 day period ends on Sept 25, a few days prior to the Oct 1st H start date. Therefore, even if the H-1B is approved before Oct 1st you will be required to leave the country and reenter on H status.

The premium processing process merely allows the Immigration Service to approve your application in 15 days instead of the normal processing times. (usually 2-3 months). It does not give you any additional benefits in your situation.

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