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I am a LPR. I got my LPR from my USC wife. We got married while i was removal proceedings. We show clear and convincing evidence that our marriage is bona fide. So i got approved by judge 2 mounts after my 2nd anniversary so got my 10 years LPR. I was diagnosed with cancer 10 days before getting my LPR. I started chemo and things started to go bad between us. And she started to cheat on me. So i file divorce base on adultery 3 mounts after getting my LPR. After my treatment i went to my home country and got married again. I am LPR for 14 months. Now i want to petition for her but i am not sure if i can.
1-Do i have to show clear and convincing evidence again for my prior marriage?
2-will i lose my LPR if i cant show clear and convincing evidence ?
3-Even i don't lose my LPR and if petition denied can i petition again for her when i get my citizenship.

Thank you..

Immigratuion may ask for evidence of 1st marraige since you got it through her and are not a green card holder for 5 years. You can try now and if they ask for evidence give it to them. If it gets denied you will not lose your green card and if it gets denied you can try again when you become a citizen in a few years.



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