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Immigration Issues/How do i get the governemnt to expedite my case?


I have been in the US for 10 years from 1996 (age 14)-present; I am currently 24 yrs old. My immigration case, I-130 family based, was approved in 2004 and I am waiting for visa availability right now. However the wait may be very long since they are currently calling people who applied in 2000.  Can the governemnt expedite my case, have them call me faster? I was valedictorian of my HS and have 4 years college education.  I have been idled for 2 yrs, unable to work, or most importantly volunteer in Americorps. Do any of the above help? If the governemnt can help, where do I go to start?

You can apply for an EAD (employment authorization) while your visa issuance is pending.  I assume you applied as a immediate relative to a permanent resident.  unfortunately, the issuance of a visa under this type cannot be expedited as it must follow priority dates.  The type of visa you are waiting for is based on a quota per country.

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