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I've been married for 4 yrs and my husband aplied for my green card in march 2005, So i was aproved dec,2005 and I got my work permit and my parole visa already.Few months ago we separed. and last month i got my greencard interview and he told me that he'll help me to get it. but he didn't show up and I went alone. The officer was very nice with me, she told me that my husband sent a letter 2 weeks ago saying that he didn't want to be my sponsor, I was in shock and i started crying and she said that i have 2 options bring my husband to the interview and having him to tell her that he wants to come back with me or  find a new sponsor I could be able to get it.But my husband don't want to help me no more, so what I do now? send another I130 or just filled the I864, Do you think I could get it with my mother in law being my sponsor? I need to know because Iam going back this week to the next opportunity the officer gave me. Thank you very much for your time!
But the officer told me that my parents in law or brothers in law can be my sponsor,

Answer -
Your green card is based on an immediate relative sponsorship...your husband.  Any other sponsorship must be started from the beginning, and no your mother-in-law can NOT sponsor you.

The officer was incorrect.  The visa you are applying for is an IMMEDIATE relative, in-laws do not qualify as sponsors.  Unless you have an immediate relative, such as a husband, mother, father, sister or brother that are US Citizens, you are not eligible.  

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