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Hi David , i'm a green card holder since 1995 , i applied for N-400 and was denid on May 2005 because of lack of morar charcter ( i was convicted with hareesment case in 1998 ) i did aplay for the N-400 again in July 1995 and still waiting for the interview (N-400 peding because of back ground check ) my lawyer filed a law suit aganist the INS for delaying my interview and it was dismiss by the judge on Dec 2006 because the back ground chack can take as long as they need, recently i have a major audit to my business and my questiones here is : in case if there is any crminal charge aganist me beacause of tax issue would that cause any problem to my green card and the N-400 ?? if any can u advice me what can i do to avoid such action specially that's my wife an american and we have 2 kids here one is 11 years and the other is 4 years old .

It does not matter if you are married to American, if you at ANY time were involved in criminal or tax violations, you do not have the moral character as required to naturalize.  Keep in mind, you do NOT have a right to become a Citizen of the United States, it can be denied for numerous reasons, criminal and failure to abide by US Tax laws being two.

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