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HI on jan 28th i was aproved for a green card based on marriage, the interviewer told me that my fbi background wasnt complete yet, but when i was aproved he would send my greend card three weeks from the date.. (i wanna make clear i have never been arrested or come to this country ilegally or been in trouble with the police either in my country or here) I would like to know where can i check the status of this background check, and if this is unusual and if i can file for an advance parole while im waiting on my green card. I live in cincinnati if that makes a diference for the filing waiting times.

thank you  

I have always checked the status of FBI checks by checking with the USCIS district office where the case is pending.  If there is another way, I am not aware of it.  Nothing will (or even can) happen until the fingerprint and name checks come back from the FBI, CIA and NSA.  

You will need advance parole to travel while the I-485 is pending and it is still pending.  Please speak to your attorney regarding potential problems that can arise if your green card is approved while you are out of the US.  The problems should not be insurmountable but I would suggest to avoid international travel if possible.  Again, speak to your attorney about this before you go.

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