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Hello Mr. Mills,
I am writing to you in hope to get an answer to a question I have had for a long time.
I married my husband 2 years ago, we went for the interview in november of 2003, everything went fine, except that we were missing the 1040's for the last three years, and we did send them in the addressed envelope that was given to us. Since then we have not heard anything at all. I have been calling and writing letters numerous times, we evern visited the office in newark and I was told that my fingerprints had expired. I renewed them the next day (oct 22 2004). Now my question is, can I go back to newark with all my papers again and hope to talk to someone and hopefully get the stamp in my passport that will allow me to travel home to sweden? I have not been home in over 2 years.
I did apply for a advance parole visa, and based on the case status check on bcis website, they approved it dec 15 2004, I am now waiting to receive it in the mail. Can I travel home on that visa, and not have a problem coming back?
I applied for my green card before my student visa expired, so I believe I have not been here illegally, but I want to make sure since I heard that could have severe consequenses.
If I travel on my advance parole, should I bring any other documentation with me?
Basically I just want to know if there is anything I can do to speed up the process to finally get my green card, and also if I can travel on my advance parole before being approved for my green card?
I really appreciate a response. My email address is:
Thank you very much.
Louise Basch

If you have not violated your status or been out of status you should be able to travel and reenter the US on advance parole.  Whether you have in fact been out of status, or if there are any other problems that may bar reentry is beyond what I can do in this context.  It would require a review of the documents and a consultation.

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