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My wife and I live in the US and have held green cards since the year 2000. Recently we were out of the US for three months. I went to S. America to build business contacts and my wife went with me to visit her family. When we returned the immigration officer told us we had been out for too long and we could lose our green card. It quite gave us a shock. We were under the impression that if we stayed out for longer than six months at a time we might have to prove our resident status when we return. Also, the officer told us that if we were out for longer than a total of six months in a calendar year, then we could lose our green card. Is that right? On our passports she wrote out gone three months. We dont want to break laws and be out of status. If these are the new laws then please do confirm and we will of course respect and follow the new regulations. For how long then can we be away from the US without losing our green cards? Our home, bank accounts and work are all in the US and we have no other home. Thank you for your time. Rahul

The officer must have been in a bad mood. They would like you to not go out for more than 6 months at a time. Technically they can not take your green card away unless you stay out more than 12 months. That doesnt mean you wont get asked a lot of questions when coming back from an extended trip but that is the law.



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