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i enetered the US on H1b visa stamp Jan 2005 and have been with company A for over one year. Company b offered a job which i accepted and I started working with them apr14 2006- they filed the petition for h1 transfer on apr 13 2006 (but my first pay stub from company B shows the pay period starting from apr 12 2006)

the cis has requested pay slips from current employer (no problem) and also 4 alips for previous employer to establish that i was in a valid nonimmigrant status at the time present pettion was filed.

1)what does this mean exactly?

and 2) what is the time period allowed between leaving one job and starting the next for h1b? (my last pay slip from company a is upto 3//31/06 and my next pay period starts from 12apr2006.

3) is there any problem about the fact that my pay stub shows pay peiod starting from apr12 2006, although my first day at work was actually apr14 2006 (one day after the petition was filed?)

many thanks for your help.

It appears to me, at least on the surface, you violated the terms of your admission.  I would be questioning you myself.
You were authorized to come to the US to specifically work for company A.  You then went to work for company B without an approved I-129.  You might have some problems.

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