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i just wanted to clarify....

1) transfer is not actually faster or easier than applying for h1b1 for the first time, correct?

2) if i transfer my h1b1 to a new company, does that mean the relationship between me and my current employee is automatically terminated and i don't have to do anything to actually let uscis know that?

3) do i have to have a new h1b1 with the new company right the next day i quit the current company?  in other words, there shouldn't be any gap between two h1b1?

thank you very much in advance.

Followup To
Question -

1) do i have to go through the same process as i applied for h1b1 before including providing uscis all the documents that i turned in before?

2) if not, how much is the bottom-line-fee and the time for the process?

i really really appreciate your reply.  thank you in advance.

Answer -
You have to file new H1 with the same documentation requirements as the 1st time to transfer to new employer. The filing fee is $1435 if the new employer has less than 25 employees, otherwise the filing fees are $2185. It takes about 2 months unless you pay Immigration an extra $1000 to do it in 15 days.



It is not easier to do a transfer H-1- It is faster because they are no more initial Hs until October 1, 2005, so someone applying for H1 for first time can not start working until 10/1//05. You may have to show paystubs from current H1 to prove you have stayed in status, but nothing else to notify Immigration. Let me know if you need a lawyer for the process!!!



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