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hello David.

i am just writing to yo regarding some information about immegration in North America.

I am a syrian guy been living in the UK for the last 3 years. i am a student and into travelling big time. just recently i have bee thinking about immegrating to Canada and starting a life over there. i am 24 now and doing my degree in north england. first i would like to know truly how hostile the US and Canada for a guy from the middle east now especially after all what has been happening in the last 5 years. i am pretty open-minded guy not too religious and really not into politics at all. so far from living in the UK everything  has been fine and never had any problem. i just feel that i want to go somewhere else and start a life. by the way, i am gay i don't know if that makes any difference in general, but i would like to know!! also, do you think if i wanted to apply for immegration i should do it in the UK or have to go back to Syria and do it?

thank you for taking the time to read message

best regards


I can not respond to Immigration policies of Canada, however with US I can.

The United States is generally a very open society and openly accepts immigrants, provided they come here to be productive members of our society.

Hostility is rare...that being said, the attack on 9/11 still is a very dark moment in our history.  But, Americans, in general, do not blame Muslims in general but those who wish us harm.  We have millions of Muslims in the United States who are as American as a native born citizen, have joined our military to fight against aggessors, vote in our national elections, work and raise their families.  They have contributed greatly to our national security and in many instances have assisted authorities with identifying muslim extremists in the US.

You may apply for admission into the US at any US Consulate.

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