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  I want to be a translator in immigration court. Before I enter the courtroom to translate, I will need to review the respondent's story. In order for me to do that I will have to contact the lawyer of that respondent before the date of the trial, so I can get the complete story and review it and to eliminate any surprises. This way I can be ready before the case starts. Please give me your opinion about this and about how can I do this, and what should I ask from the counsel; I really appreciate your valuable answer, and I am in need for as much information as possible regarding this matter.

 Thanks for help

The Immigration Court has their own group of translators that they use from the Berlitz company or other companies. The translator does not need to speak to the Respondent or the lawyer before the case. The job of the translator is only to translate and therefore as long as you are fluent in English and the language of the hearing you do not ned to know the story before hand. It is an ethical violation for the lawyer to meet with the translator and plan a story.


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