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my name is michael brown

my girl friend use to live in the U.S. when she was 14 and she is 19 now. her pairents moved back to poland. they all have green cards except her mom who just became a citizen few years ago because she applied for naturalization.

Now my girl friend wants to come back but her green card is expired. she still has a valid U.S passport and S.S card. she wants to come back to study and work because she finshed high school there.

she has an aunt that is a citizen living in CT. Her and i want to live together.

please help me with anything i should know before she departs from poland.

will she be able to get in?

and if not what does she need to get in?

thank you for your time
michael j brown

You said your girlfriend has a "valid US Passport".  Unless she is a US Citizen, she cannot have a US Passport.

If her green card has expired and has been out of the country for an extended period of time without a reentry permit, her status is considered abandoned and she must reapply.

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